this is not my origin story. i'm not a super hero. i'm not a mutant. i've never even been to the baxter building. i have a phd in biochemistry and i know 80 different ways to kick you in the head.
being unable to have children didn't stop her parents from promptly taking actions to recify the situation. barbara, their first daughter, was the product of young and dumb teenagers. she came to them as a newborn, which was the ideal situation since she never had to struggle for even a day in her life. the same wasn't said for her brother, the same age, though fate placed him with her family when he was a small child. bobbi was naturally very protective of him. some say she still is. the pair of them were inseperable for a long time.

even from the youngest of ages, bobbi just had that look about her. she was the picture perfect child. always smiling, hardly ever crying. she likes to believe that those characteristics followed her into adulthood, but that's still up for debate. her mother fawned over her baby girl, placing her in pageants all over the state. it ended up being a decent way to earn some scholarships. life for the harkers was nearly blissful, but what is life without a healthy dose of tragedy nowadays?

their father, richard, was a very renowned professor at stanford university. being on staff at one of the most prestigious universities came with it's own set of expectations. the bar was always set high for bobbi and her brother. it wasn't until they were both teenagers that they actually began to understand what that meant. fortunately, they were both great students with promise. it was never going to be a shock when they achieved success. though it sometimes made things between them more competitive, it always drew them closer.

bobbi had that rare combination of not only being beautiful; she was actually very intelligent. she managed to balance sports all year with different clubs, mostly taking quick to almost anything science related. it wasn't exactly a shock when she graduated in the top percentile of her class, ultimately having her pick of anywhere to continue her education. with ties to stanford it was the obvious choice for undergrad. college agreed with her in the sense that she liked having the certain freedoms that she didn't have back in high school. she opened up a lot more, while still staying focused on her studies. there was always a clear goal in mind to take that next step for her phd. bobbi had it embedded in her brain that she wanted to do research that could potentially save lives. spending hours in a lab wasn't odd to her, it was just as comforting as going to the gym or a yoga class. the science of living things just fascinated her to no end.

after she earned her doctorate, she took a position on the peace corps research team. bobbi is a real stickler for the preservation of the environment. she's also not afraid to shout it from the rooftops. there were a few incidents. maybe a time or two when things got out of hand. she was arrested for being amongst a group at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong cops at a protest. the charge was disorderly conduct, nothing too extreme. it wouldn't prevent her from getting any jobs, but it did get her a few questioning looks from friends and family members. however, breaking the news to her parents brought a small smile to their face. they were actually quite proud of her for standing up for her beliefs.

⤑ name barbara morrison ⤑ aka bobbi ⤑ comicverse bobbi morse / mockingbird ⤑ date of birth + age 20th august 1985 & 33 ⤑ birthplace beverly hills, ca ⤑ current residence san francisco, ca ⤑ occupation biology teacher ⤑ relationship status technically married
Barbara Morse, SHIELD Agent 19. Earned the name Mockingbird after a penchant for taunting her opponents in battle. Expertly trained spy, secret agent, skilled acrobat, biochemist, and master martial artist. Partnered up with her now ex-husband Clint Barton (Hawkeye) on SHIELD missions and eventually the pair joined the Avengers together, heading up a West Coast division with the likes of Iron Man, Wonder Man, and Tigra.

Sacrificed her life to save that of her team and Clint and was ultimately resurrected.

She's been subject to experimental trials and injected with a mixture of the same Super Soldier Serum that was used on Captain America and the Infinity Formula that slows aging. All injuries and ailments were healed, however it still remains uncertain of the effect it could have on her biology. The serum is responsible for her enhanced physical strength, agility, and healing.
comic parallels name • keeps the same name of barbara. middle name of sue after her cv mother

education • phd in biochemistry

physical • same looks, in peak physical condition.

mannerism • much of the same persona. can be sarcastic, but also relies heavily on attempted positivity

abilities/powers super-human serum enhancements
skilled acrobat
master martial artist
skilled spy
items battle staves
shield uniform
traditional uniform
memories memories of bobbi morse/mockingbird
memories of relationship w/ clint barton
memories of shield/avengers
memories of her death

facts • she married her husband on a whim in vegas. they're not together but too lazy to get a divorce.

• she's marched on washington, standing rock, and several other protests over the years. only having been arrested once comes as a shock.

• teaching high school students has been one of the biggest challenges of her career.

• is proficient in yoga, tai chi, and various martial arts. she's been studying and taking classes since she was young.

• low key nerd. her xbox handle is bioblonde19.

education • high school
• stanford university/undergrad
    ↳ cornell university/biochemistry

personality ENTP - inventive, enthusiastic, strategic, enterprising, inquisitive, versatile. enjoy new ideas and challenges, value inspiration.

tropes hollywood nerd
bunny-ears lawyer
feminine women can cook
eating the eye candy
jerk with a heart of gold
badass bookworm
berserk button